Thursday, 2 July 2009

Coveting madly

I think Kate Kanzier is my newest favourite place in the world. I was browsing the stalls of Leather Lane market when I saw the fancy darkened windows of the shop. I wandered in on a whim, really, assuming the shoes inside would either be awful or nice but way beyond my price range. Instead, I went inside ... and found a wonderland of oxfords.

On the website these seem to be all £25 and over, but I think they were having a sale when I went because several models were going for £20. I was especially enchanted by the Olivia Vier in beige.

Such gorgeous neutral colours, and the toe is a most dignified shape, though you can't see that in this picture.

Though the well-ventilated Kellys were also quite charming.

According to the website the uppers are synthetic but the lining is made of leather, which must account for how soft the shoes were when I touched them. My experience with oxfords is that usually they bite -- they are bitter to the feet until broken in -- so that I always wonder how girls manage to go around in them socks-less. Perhaps I just have wimpy feet. I think I could really wear these without socks on, though, if it weren't for the prospect of sweaty feet.

Of course your feet get sweaty with socks on as well. But at least they don't stick to your shoes as they would without the sock barrier.

I also liked the loafers. The long-tongued 669:

and the less extravagant 676, which comes in a variety of colours.

But I cannot, cannot justify getting any of them, no matter how delightful these red loafers would be with the fraying ivory party dress I scooped up at Bang Bang. So I shall love from afar, and afar only ....


- Zen, for only having one birthday in a year!

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