Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Shoe Geek

Look away if you fall in love easily because I'm afraid these pair of Marnis are to die for.
Unfortunately, they cost £302. BUT they are on sale now, for a mere £226.50 excluding delivery. Boo
I really like how it looks when worn. Besides, nude is here to stay. Okay, it's nude-ish. Close enough. I am not usually a fan of high wedges (especially ones where the whole shoe is elevated by 2 inches from the ground) but its shape and sharp lines are just love. Secondly, these babies sort of cover your whole feet in a strange way that does not looked wrapped? I am usually uncertain about shoes like these but Marni must have done something right for me to love em so.Sigh, even Susie Bubble has a pair. Lucky for me I found a cheaper version from Carvela for £95 a pop.They don't look quite the same, but they will have to do for now. Actually no, not really. I am still unsatisfied that Zara has not done any knockoffs. Zara was quick to cash in on the Balmain Spring 2009 Crystal Studded Sandals. The original £1370 pair.The Balmain inspired £120 pair from Zara.

That is a pair of pretty good knock-offs, don't you think? So yes, if anyone finds a Marni patent wedge look-alike from wherever that does not exceed uhmm, too much, give me a ring okay. My feet will thank you.

p.s. The price should be £30 because you see for the Zara pair it was at around a 10% fraction of the price of the real deal hence £30 should be the maximum price ANY Marni knock-off should be at. (Proud at self for awesome rationalisation.)


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