Wednesday, 24 March 2010


I was going discreetly to refrain from posting about this so soon after documenting my last bout of extravagance, but since an early birthday visit to Sam revealed my lapse, I suppose I might as well tell the other Lemm ... and anyone else reading this blog, whoever they may be.

I was wandering around Covent Garden the other night, wondering what to do, when I saw a sale sign in the Oasis shop window and decided to pop in. And discovered that the Rosalind Kemp trompe l'oeil collection I squealed about last year was on sale!

I am ridiculously pleased because the original prices were, er, ridiculous -- or at least far beyond my touch. I wouldn't actually pay £30 for a tank dress no matter how cute, but £10 I don't mind stretching to.

It was interesting seeing the pieces in the flesh (or fabric, as the case may be) as opposed to only in pictures. It become obvious, for example, that the T-shirt dress pretending to be a trenchcoat is too short for me to feel comfortable wearing it as a dress.

It's not a complete disappointment, however -- it does indeed have pockets, as I suspected!

I am wondering whether I could wear it with shorts, or whether it would look funny or as if I wasn't wearing anything underneath it. Sadly I left all my shorts at home and have yet to find a worthy substitute here ...

These knit shorts I tried on in Zara probably aren't it.

Grey & white polka dot cardigan - Marks & Spencer; owl necklace - gift from sister; white lace T-shirt - TK Maxx; teal tights - Dorothy Perkins; white oxfords with lilac ribbon laces - Robert Clergerie; amazing knit shorts - Zara

Though they are kinda cute! But how often could you wear horizontal-striped high-waisted knit shorts? No. I will keep looking.

- Zen

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