Friday, 9 April 2010

Play clothes

Since Sue did a post about work clothes, I thought I'd respond with one about play clothes.

Somewhat contradictorily starting work has engendered in me the most terrible hunger for comfy clothes to go on holiday and slouch around at home in. Fortunately, Uniqlo provides. Their gloriously comfortable boyfriend shorts are just as good for tramping around foreign cities as for lying in bed at home looking at ASOS.

Black cardigan - Topshop; paint-splattered Charlie Chaplin T-shirt - market stall at the Curve; denim shorts - Uniqlo; grey tights - H&M; Dorothy shoes - Clarks; audioguide - courtesy of Caixa Catalunya, proprietor of the magnificent La Pedrera

Since despite the fact that we can only wear shorts over tights here in Britain (it's a different story for Sue! Damn yoooouuu, Sue) I am an incurable optimist, I bought another pair of these, this time in light green. They are almost exactly the colour of green tea chocolate.

Peachy T-shirt and graphic print scarf - H&M; green boyfriend shorts - Uniqlo; green Birkenstocks - TK Maxx

I also picked up this scarf for £3 in H&M -- it is thin and super soft, but surprisingly warm when wrapped closely around the neck.

So far, so dull (though undeniably comfortable). I did look at a pair of synthetic leather shorts at Uniqlo, but decided against it. Here are some rather more exciting pairs of shorts, if you prefer ...

Louise Gray for ASOS bloomers, £27.00

I love everything about this outfit. If I had this girl's legs I would wear it everywhere. (Well, maybe not to work.)

ASOS Africa printed tie-waist shorts, £40.00

The ASOS Africa line is so gorgeous. I like the print T-shirt dress best.

Oasis leather shorts, £60.00

I like that these shorts aren't too short. I like tiny shorts but I do think you can go too far when it comes to leather shorts.

Darling floral shorts, £40.00

This should be worn with a floral top and floral oxfords, just because.

- Zen

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