Saturday, 14 February 2009

4/5 ways to rock a skirt

I do apologise for the lack of updates from myself. My final year is partly to be blamed for. If I were to let on that I busy myself 24/7 with the design of a complete refinery plant based in Kingston upon Hull, anyone would reject my credibility of having any sense of fashion. So I would spare you the horrendous details and let you on on something more extraordinary. Skirts.

Ever the versatile but sometimes overwhelming boring, I injected some fun by trying out different ways of wearing a vintage skirt I got from Notting Hill Gate. Of course, you have the normal and 'unoriginal' way of wearing skirts - on your hips.
The looks here are for more formal wear but the skirt can also be worn with a white tank with your Alexander McQueen skull scarf paired with your flip flops ala Olsen twins style. Don't forget the wayfrayers.

Then, I tried them on as a dress. It was slightly harder to so, as you can see from picture #1, the waist band is not elastic, but has a metal clasp to hold the skirt. I was surprised myself, but with a little tightening of the chest, all was well. In fact the tightness was good as that meant the 'skirt dress' would not fall off.Here, I had the ends of the skirt folded in to give a bubble dress look. A tad too simple for me but with accesories, I am sure it would work.
This, I like. I wanted to tie a rose knot but it ended up looking like A Knot =.= Oh wells. The asymmetry look made it edgier and unique.
Here, I have a belt cinched on my chest to give the 'skirt dress' more shape. And the resulting picture looks more to the side of sophistication. It's something I could defintely wear to a tea party, with pearls of course. (:

Who would have thought how much versatality a skirt would have? The right skirts can bring you from a business meeting to the club to lazy summer days to places where ladies lunch.

Unfortunately, I have yet to wear them out as of yet because the skirt is rather thin and looking at the snow last week, I will not brave the cold with that skirt. Plus, don't forget that final year design I have been working on. Time waits for no woman who wants to dress up when it's crunch time.

- Sue


SrB said...

oooh... looks #1 #2 & #5 are so so so SO elegant!!! you guys honestly look stunning in them:))

loving #3 and #4 too cos they're slightly edgier and playful yet girly at the same time cause of the polka dots pattern...

amazing find, suelynn! and kudos for actually buying it.. i probably wouldn't even look at it cos i thought i hated polka dots. this post definitely changed my mine;)

ooh. and hope ur design thing is going well.. ~rex

Lemms and Hems said...

Hey rex!
waaaa nice to see a comment not from me or zen haha. Dots weren't my thing too until I saw this one. Glad it's changed your mind (:
Thanks for the well wishes! I hope med is treating you well.

- Sue