Sunday, 22 February 2009

Recent outfits

I've been more active on Wardrobe Remix lately a) partly to motivate myself to dress pretty and b) mostly as a means of procrastination, 'cos I've got exams. I'm too sleepy/stressed to make a post with, like, words in it, so here's a bunch of recent outfits.

Black cardigan - Topshop; slinky taupe dress - Zara; grey tights - Tabio; oxfords - River Island

I really liked this outfit; I've been having a thing for pale neutrals recently. Sadly my wardrobe is dominated by black&white and strong reds/dark blues.

Enamel flower necklace - stall at the Curve; burgundy merino vest - Gap; black patent belt - Far East Plaza; mauve, burgundy and white print skirt - H&M; tights - Topshop; oxfords - River Island

I really liked the shape of this when I saw it in the mirror, but it doesn't look that nice photographed for some reason. I think it might be the shape of the vest -- it's quite rectangular, isn't it? I wore this with my black cardigan over it; maybe that made it look better (or maybe not).

It's actually quite good to take photos of your outfit, if you can be bothered. It allows you to see it as other people will, and it's surprising how different it looks from how it appears in the mirror sometimes.

Blue top worn as dress - G2000; black boyfriend cardigan - H&M; black bead necklace - somewhere in Malaysia; tights - H&M; blue knee socks - Tabio; brown leather knee boots - DUO

I pulled this top out of the closet with the idea of wearing it under my white dress (see below) -- as an experiment, you know -- put the top on, then realised it pretty much worked as a dress. As a short dress, but hey, I was planning to spend most of the day at home trying to work and getting distracted by things on the Internet, so why not?

I get such a kick out of finding new ways to wear old things .... That said, later that day I went to Sainsbury's to pick up some groceries, tripped over a pavement and scraped both my knees. So serve me right for trying to do without trousers. "Gondor has no pants ... Gondor needs no pants!" my foot.

Pink bead necklace - shop at Cineleisure; T-shirt with splash of pink and eldritch stick creature - Zara; belt - Far East Plaza; print skirt - H&M; navy blue tights - Topshop; oxfords - River Island

I bought this T-shirt to wear as a dress but when I tried it my courage failed and I lamely covered up with the long black cardigan featured in the previous outfit. But it is a very nice T-shirt!

I initially wore it as a normal sort of T-shirt, tucking it under the skirt, but that somehow did not look as nice as wearing it over the skirt did. So I went for the slightly weirder look.

Grey and white polka dot cardigan - Marks & Spencer; black bead necklace - somewhere in Malaysia; ivory belted shift dress - Dorothy Perkins; grey tights - Tabio; grey and white heels - Charles & Keith; watch - vintage from my dad

The shoes in this picture are a tiny lie; I wore flats really, and only put the heels on for the photograph. But I was wearing those heels in my soul.

Lilac dress - Zara; navy blue double-breasted blazer - charity shop; black patent belt - Far East Plaza; black tights - Topshop

The dress is new -- I wandered into a Zara right after an exam and picked it up for £7 as a treat to myself. It looks nice with the black belt and all, but really I want to wear it with mint green, dusty rose, the palest of primrose yellows ... but I have none of those colours in my wardrobe.

What I do have is one and half skeins of Rowan Milk Cotton in pale green sitting under my bed, though. Hmm!

- Zen


SrB said...

Zen, so pretty!!! haha. the black/grey/ neutral colours are so the London-look!;) but they're chic and cool, and you look great. 1,2,3 are my favs. you make me wanna shop for more outfits, dresses in particular cos i can't get enough of them.. but whenever i attempt to wear nice clothes in sheffield i just look too dressy, like it's a special occasion or something... hmph!
okay, i'm procrastinating too. need to get back to work. in my boring jeans and vest and sweater. boo:(

Lemms and Hems said...

Hi, Rex! Haha, I know what you mean about feeling overdressed. I never bothered wearing anything but jeans and T-shirts in Cambridge ... but big cities make me frivolous! :P And the nice thing about London is that there's bound to be somebody more fancily dressed than you on the street.

Hope your work's going well! I'm procrastinating now too ...

- Zen

Lemms and Hems said...

Eee zenny is becoming Lovell-ly. hahahaha. me wants to be frivolous too :(

- Sue