Sunday, 24 May 2009

Onitsuka Tiger Love

Now that the UK is having sun phases, it makes me want to go out n run!!! Although I’m more likely to stay indoors and enjoy the coolness while admiring the bright colours through my window>_<.

Since I have contemplated running (and my old pair of trainers + bad training regime = problems with shin splints this year) I’ve been looking around (online mainly) for new running shoes. Maybe I should get a pair of Asics? Obviously while looking at Asics...I got distracted by the Tigers and all their pretty colours! Now my brain desperately needs some Onitsuka Tigers...and seeing as how I’m such a t-shirt+jeans person...a pair would round off my daily get-up perfectly:D

I love the Fabre series, because I love basketball and I love the cut (I am truly simple-minded>_<).

This blue low-top pair is more or less exactly what I'm looking for, I love blue so will definitely go well with my monochrome wardrobe...

This high-top Fabre is amazing! I would like a t-shirt with a print like this one. Threadless style.

This pair is also love! Saiko runner series...sounds like they will run well! Maybe I'll go poke HADEGUJA for them...

Shall I be "productive" and go Tiger watching this bank holiday?

This is just like the Converse phase I had a few years back. I never really noticed Converses till I tried on a pair as a stalling tactic while some top-secret present buying was going on...from then I was hooked and I only loved Converses...till now. I sense a similar, slightly manic, episode for Tigers coming on...>_<


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