Tuesday, 5 May 2009


Okay, I just finished a three hour long essay based paper based on the plant design I was working on for the 11 weeks of my life and it was so so. It's been 4 years since I have written a proper essay (currently everything subjective are either derivations of equations or calculations) and I ran out of ink. Obviously there was an extra pen because I play safe like that but as strange as it sounds, I have this satisfying feeling when a good pens run out of ink. It's like a 50p pen has been put to good use throughout its lifetime and can now die of honour and dignity instead of being lost into the depths of the black hole to never return. Can you imagine how much money you could have put into that Chanel 2.55 bag fund if all the pens you used were used to death? Like maybe £100? Srsly because some people spend A LOT of money on gel ink pens and it doesn't help that when you fiddle with your pen, pen dropping accidents lead to a loss of another good pen. So there, now you know about my pen-finishing obsession.

Anyway, last week I wanted to buy some antibacterial gel because again, I am safe like that. Hey the swine flu was scary last week okay. I wasn't the only one because Boots ran out. Instead, their till points proabably had a week's worth of anti-bacterial hand wash. So I decided to get the new Boots Protect and Perfect Beauty Serum for the mum since they were on 3 for 2, plus they were recently published in the Journal of Dermatology - proper scientific proof that it works. (I am never buying stuff that 'claims' to work anymore unless publish. hmmph) And also this.
L'Oreal Pefect Slim Pro-Massage

Hahah, I know, am I paranoid or what? But no, I am not. I am 22, UK size 8 but I suffer from cellulite. Okay honestly? You have to squeeze the thighs to see them but I noticed that there are more and more of them appearing and man I don't want them to appear in full glory when the need to squeeze them to view 'em horrible things disappears. To all girls who think I am crazy, I am not. In fact, I would issue this strict warning that once you reach 18, never, and I mean NEVER take your metabolism rate for granted because when you realise what hits you, it's too late. Weight gain and weight lost is no problem-o but don't gain weight too fast because then when your fat cells expand too fast, the lack of flexibility in the nearby connective tissue will cause the fat cells to tend to bulge upwards towards the surface of the skin, hence giving you a thigh with weird dimples. (Sigh, why can't cheeks get dimples that way huh?).

Oh my goodness. Read this

Lastly, women's panties are a very important causative factor in the developement of cellulite. Women's underwear today is radically different from their counterpart 50-60 years ago. This discussion is not intended to be a history of women's underwear. However, in the sixties hemlines on skirts started to get shorter and thus the length of the underwear shortened. In the last 40-50 years we went from loose underwear around the thighs to tight underwear going across the middle of the buttock. Interestingly, with the introduction of the Mini Skirt in the 60-70's era, along with the Hot Pants, there came a wave of exposed cellulite.

Wearing thongs, boyshorts, or sleeping naked can reduce the occurance of cellulite. Underwear that has tight elastic across the buttock limits blood flow, causing cellulite to form. This is especially important while sleeping, as the legs are not as active. When taken into consideration with the above two methods, cellulite can be prevented with a couple easy precautions.

Okay I always had the suspicion that I started getting more cellulite after wearing skinny jeans and this has proven me right. Noooooooooo 3 years of being in fashion caused cellulite? I am disheartened. Where has fashion freedom gone to? Sigh

Back to the product that can hopefully reverse the errors of my ways. The way this baby works is you have to knead your thighs with the rollers, which kinda pinches your skin then you rub the gel around the areas you have just massaged. I don't know if it works or not, we'll see. Like eye cream and sun screen, this is going to be an imperative regiment for me. Now if only I was not so lazy to exercise.


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