Monday, 5 October 2009

*blows dust off blog*

Haiz, my fellow Lemms are so lazy! But so am I, I admit -- but my dedication to blogging was not helped by the decease of my computer. Equipped with a new computer (exactly the same as my old one but RM2,000 cheaper ...) I can now return to the fray. Have a backlog of outfit photos.

Taken in the Dahlia dressing room. Dahlia is a wee shop on Carnaby Street which sells the cutest vintage-style dresses; I think they're sold in Topshop as well. I love the peplum on the first dress and the cut of the second, and the prints, oh gosh. I have such a huge weakness for a) prints that look like paint strokes and b) florals. But the last is what I bought, at £40 off the original price -- I like the fake bow detail on the front, the white buttons and the cheery orange&white. (Reminds me of the Sri Cempaka school uniform ...) But most of all I liked that it looked like a dress but was actually a disguised romper.

I think it is an ideal outfit for a picnic, but I must say it's not great when you have to use public toilets. Don't drink too much water when wearing this romper.

Sadly this has since gone into the wash and the navy blue bled, so the top bit is kind of bluey. How can I fix this? Maybe I should try bleaching the top bit and pretend it's supposed to look faded.

Dress - Yin & Yang
Tights - Anna Sui, borrowed from mother
Boots - Doc Marts, obvs

Yin & Yang is a Malaysian brand which does delightful dresses. They're usually a wee bit more expensive than I'm willing to pay for, but this was on sale!

My parents mocked me for looking like a waiter. :( But it's the waiterly quality that really draws me to this dress -- the black & white colour scheme, that shiny white bib. The buttons! The main drawback of this dress is the bubble shape, which, I dunno, it looks weird. And it's not especially flattering. Still, passable with tights on, and the look is improved with the addition of a close-fitting cardigan. I don't see myself wearing this much here, but I'll be bringing it back to London.

This last set of photos is just for fun. I found this ridiculous frilly dress in a Brands Outlet and squeaked, "It's a Galinda dress!"

-- well, obviously I had to channel someone frilly. But I'm clearly not made for kissyfaces!

- Zen

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