Sunday, 9 November 2008

Comme des Garcons for H&M

So I'm pretty excited right now about the Comme des Garcons collection for H&M. H&M own the parts of my soul that don't belong to Patrick O'Brian and the guy invented Choco Leibniz biscuits. Before I came to London in September I owned 0 dresses from H&M; now I own -- O shame -- three. They are gorgeous and I wear them all the time, but rest assured that I wear them solely to roll around the floor in guilt.

Their prices are very reasonable, though! And the quality is pretty nice, unlike the stuff you get in Primark, which rivals your average potato sack for comfort and workmanship. Hopefully quality will be evident in the Comme des Garcons pieces for H&M, because cheapness isn't their most notable characteristic.

You can, for example, get this charming polka-dotted scarf for £34.99. That is not what I call bargainous. I guess an original Comme des Garcons scarf would cost that times a bajillion, but still ... I'd be interested to see what the scarf is made of; it would make sense if it was cashmere or something.

I really like the piece de resistance of the collection in a "omg that is crazy, I love how crazy it is" kind of way. I wouldn't wear it, but you could imagine a certain kind of girl looking hot couture in it.

Most of the collection is really wearable, though. I love this ensemble that they've put up on the H&M website:

Just your classic black-and-white skirt-and-jacket combo, wearable in even the most conservative offices, but so cool! I love the weird asymmetrical details on the jacket and the frilly cuffs of the shirt.

I just really like the jackets in the collection, actually. They mostly seem to come in black and grey, so very wearable colours, but with that touch of detailing that makes them special.

I like the raggedly scalloped edge. And again, asymmetry in outerwear is always a surefire hit with me.

What are those weird stringy things hanging off the front of this jacket? I don't know! But I like them!

And this tuxedo jacket is just adorable. What I love about it is that it's costumey yet normal enough to wear every day (though of course everything depends on how you define normal!).

The jackets are mostly £60 to £70, so it's unlikely I'll be getting them unless they go on sale after Christmas. Sigh. But an ad in Vogue informs me that the collection will be in stores November 13, so I'll definitely be swinging by H&M in Regent Street next week just to see what the clothes are like in person. It would be delicious if that tuxedo jacket actually had tails!

- Zen

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