Thursday, 13 November 2008

Pizzicato Five Revival!

It’s been ages since I’ve listened to Pizzicato Five! They used to be my happy-pills made into song; wouldn’t you love a band singing about Twiggy sitting next to a cat? After being surrounded by all the vintage-talk from the Lemms, I guess I can’t help but close my eyes and jump off sober ground, onto the slippery slope with them. With Comme des Garcons and H&M generating so much hype, and crazy long cues in Tokyo, I followed this thread of Japanese intrigue with what I knew better – J-pop! I soon found myself hunting down Pizzicato Five’s music videos on youtube. Thank God I’m not living in a dorm anymore where they limit your usage so much that after a few videos you can forget about checking your email!

Brace yourselves for Japanese-style quirkiness if you’ve never encountered it before...

Don’t you just love the little white dress and tights? I don’t think I could pull that off but I would put it on Sue in a heartbeat!

Here’s another one to enjoy. Not as exciting as the first one, but I do heart this song too...and I also want a trench coat.

Lastly, another one I like. Just look at the clothes, I would love to dress like that more often if I weren’t so lazy (not sure about the eye patch though). This is proof that Pizzicato Five can also do the classic walk-down-the-street-and-sing-with-a-few-costume-changes routine.

I’ll be watching more music videos till my computer says no....

- Sam

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