Saturday, 22 November 2008

The Very Latest Thing, My Dear

What was meant to be good web hopping one fine day led to a treasure trove of inspiration that can only be better than any fashion magazine.

As we all know, androgynous is the holy grail of fashion this season. You ooh and ahh at the select skinny few i.e Agynes Deyn who can pull it off. And for those who can't pull it off, there are several clothing that has been designed to help the god forsaken ones - the boyfriend jeans being one of them. Thus milking more moolah once again from the vulnerable fashion conscious followers.

Then there's the fashion magazines. You spend several pounds a month just to look at people who can wear the most beautiful things on earth and wish you were them but deep inside you you know you will never become an airbrushed beauty. Sigh, the fashion conscious milked again.

But here, it is here on the WWW that inspires me, for free. Anything free is good, no? Yes, yes fashion blogs are a great source of inspiration but have you ever ventured further than that? Ever thought of going back to the actual source of inspiration that the rest of the fashion forward world have been longing after? I give you the original mod 60s and swinging 70s.

Does Twiggy not rock the androgynous look awesomely well? It is so fashion forward too. I would wear that shift down the streets any other day.

Another pretty good example of the how fashion these days are rocking backwards to that era is this lovely picture of Nadia Cassini. I don't know who she is, probably an actress but I do know that she has everything on that is in this season.

Fringes ala Fashion Toast. Check.
Shorts. Check. Well, over tights now since it's winter.
Belt to define waist. Check.
Beret. Check.

If it wasn't for the old skool cars in the background, I would have thought the picture was taken just recently!

Then there's The Ascot. By golly, those ladies would never have been able to get into today's Ascot because of the new maximum two-inch above the knee rule. I really like the mini shift the girl in the far right is wearing and also how she instinctively turned to the camera when the picture was shot. The poser intuition, I call it.

The shocker of all pictures is probably this one. Not because of what she is wearing but who she is. Cher.

Simplicity equals black shift and black sheer tights. Très chic. Jane Birkin rightly deserves to have the world's most coveted bag named after her.

After all these lovely eye candies, I found myself starting to youtube 60s and 70s videos. I found one movie trailer that got me yearning to watch the movie purely just for aesthetic reasons. The Blowup is a movie about a fashion photographer who stumbles upon a murder when he has his films developed. Be prepared for an explosion of 60s fashion in this one.

The obligatory video.

Sue signing off, wishing she lived in the 60s.

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