Sunday, 18 January 2009


I have a great admiration for people who can make their own clothes and accessories, and dream of the day when I will have levelled up sufficiently to be able to knit my own jumper. My first DIY project was less about putting a personal touch on high street clobber, however -- it was really more about damage control.

The subject: angora blend fingerless gloves from H&M, acquired for £2.

The problem: the care label inside one of the gloves was too long. Left uncut, it was sure to impair comfort.

The worse problem: I was visiting my boyfriend at the time and he is left-handed. This isn't going to be some bigoted screed against left-handed people -- he only had left-handed scissors and I was finding them a bit tricky to manipulate, so I asked him to cut off the care label.

Result: GIANT HOLE in my new gloves.

So I crocheted a lopsided heart to cover it.

I am quite pleased with the result! It almost looks like it was done a-purpose. Just don't ask to look at the sewing. It wouldn't get past quality control even at Primark.


Walking this same glove-destroying boyfriend to Victoria Station, I dropped into a Topshop and tried on their sale gear just for the hell of it.

After following several fashion blogs featuring people wearing tight wet-look leggings and looking great in them, I thought I would see how this pair of shiny trousers looked on me.

Verdict: nnnnn. Some day I may conquer my prejudice against leggings and trousers so tight they look like leggings, but today is not that day. I think I'll stick to my non-shiny tights and derriere-covering dresses.

- Zen

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