Monday, 12 January 2009

Pizzicato 5 Inspired Part 2

Presenting Lemms Challenge #1: Lemms – On the Sunny Side of the Street (Pizzicato 5 cover)
Well of course we weren’t thinking of singing, but we did want to recreate the looks we saw in the P5 music video.

Just to recap...last year we watched this on YouTube...

Sue said, “Look at the clothes...!” (Or something to that extent...because it was quite Sue-style no?)

While resisting the urge to stalk and buy more vintage stash, Zen had a brainwave - Create our versions of the outfits worn in the Pizzicato 5 music video “On the sunny side of the street” from what we can scavenge from our wardrobes.

Beg or borrow. No using this as an excuse to buy new clothes!

^_^ I love having an excuse to take photos...

Look #1:

Well we got a trench! Didn't get a beret although Zen was contemplating croqueting one. We managed to get hold of an eyepatch...but it's not in these shots unfortunately. And we have an umbrella, although not as colourful... but I think Sue looks super cute in this and since we got the trench right do we get a 10?....or a 9? haha...

Look #2:
Okay huge deviation now...white shirt, check. Black tights, check. No beret like before, but I threw on a slouchy caddy looking hat. Blazer and skirt have the rough idea i guess...and we have the umbrella!

We got the colours of this set slightly inverted, but plus points for the wig? While we were happy snapping, we learnt that the above-the-knee stockings really lengthens the legs! True for Zen at least. No wonder people in Japan love them. It makes our daikon-ashi (daikon radish-shaped)legs look more slender.

Look #4:

Last look for the Lemms. Simple...yet with attitude! The bf's shirt and jeans combo never fails isn't it?

Under our umbrella, ella, ella eh eh!

Lemms signing off...^__^

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