Thursday, 8 January 2009

Lemms & Hats

I bought a new hat from Urban Outfitters, again from the post-Christmas sale. Wasn't really that much of a discount, about £13? More than what I paid for my shoes (an unfair comparison). It’s dark brown/greyish-purple...and woolly/felty/fuzzy? OK I’m no good at descriptions so take a look instead...

I feel that I’ve lost my frost-proof ability somewhat this year. I’ve started wearing scarves and now I have a hat (although I definitely did not buy it as a winter-warmer)! Or maybe the London temperatures have been ridiculously low (for London that is...)! Still don’t own gloves though>_<

Am I trying to be “poser”?....yea maybe...but hats are still awesome. I might have watched too many mafia movies as a child or I may secretly want to be a detective (Dick Tracy-style – I don’t actually remember much about Dick Tracy from my childhood, apart from a trench, a hat and lot’s of yellow. Pretty much the same description I would give Singing in the Rain).

1) Hats are awesome
2) Hats keep you warm
3) Hats hide your bad-hair day
4) Hats make you look taller (or so I comfort myself...)
5) The hat hunt is not over...
6) the end of it the Lemms will be holding a tea party. Scones!

Can’t wait ^_^


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nnyleus said...

we are? the scones i mean. where where?

oo the other day alvin and i bought loads of carr's water table crackers and cheese from waitrose to munch on. must have cheese party!