Thursday, 26 March 2009

Of prints

Yesterday Sue and I went to the Burberry sample sale. The only thing I can say for it is that it confirmed my impression that the Burberry tartan whatchamacallit is ugly. Why put this print on the lapels of a perfectly good polo shirt, rendering it hideous? Why have it on a quilted bag with black leather handles and panel? Why put it on wellies? Dim gai ah?

In justice I should say that they had one rack of women's clothes which were interesting and which I might have bought if they were not over £100. I tried on a gorgeous empire-waisted calf-length deep purple dress which was made out of some sort of matte silky/satiny material and was just heaven to touch. And some other things -- a gold dress, a hilarious aquamarine top covered with big plastic sequins -- were interesting. But on the whole it was a mildly depressing experience, filled with overpriced mackintoshes.

We bought shirts for our fathers and brothers and grandfathers and skedaddled. After a dim sum lunch to revive our spirits, I ambled with Sue to South Kensington, where she dropped me off at the V&A museum.

I didn't pay the requisite £5 to see the Anthology of Hats exhibition, but I did have a leisurely poke through the permanent Fashion collection, looked through some of the Asian sculptures and carvings, and then wandered around the V&A shop.

I lusted after these Japanese print cotton scarves, which you can get from their online shop if you're willing to fork out the £20:

So pretty, so light, so perfect for spring, so ... much more than I would be willing to pay for a scarf ...

Sigh. :(

I was cheered up by these headbands, which, like the scarves, are pretty and expensive -- in fact they were much more expensive than the scarves, their prices being in the range of £40-£80. Unlike the scarves, however, I see distinct potential for DIY in them.

This one was especially gorgeous. The leaves were very flattering against dark hair, and they were made of a soft suede material that was magic to the touch. I am not entirely sure how one would recreate them -- find some material and cut leaves out of them? Crochet some leaves? Pluck some leaves off a tree and preserve them in some way? But clearly the first step is to find a cheap hairband.

Finally I dropped by TK Maxx and ended up buying this intriguing drapey jersey dress.

It defiantly ignores my figure, the colour is one I usually dislike on myself and it's a strange length, hitting just below the knee ... and yet I love it. And it is super comfy!

I also caved and got the terrifically cute jazzesque shoes I am wearing in the photo, justifying it by thinking of the shoes as a birthday present. Of course, my birthday isn't for a month yet, so I am going to put them away in the back of my closet and pretend they do not exist until it does come around.

And with that, I have resolved to go on another month's shopping ban. Inconveniently, for the first time my procrastinatory eBay searches have turned up floral print hats of the type I have been looking for the past couple of months:

What's a girl to do?

- Zen

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