Thursday, 12 March 2009

Vintage inspiration

I was idly browsing Modcloth when I came across this adorable dress:

I love the black & white colour scheme, the slanty pockets and the buttons. Sigh.

I hadn't heard of Peggy Moffitt so I went to my trusty friend, Google Images. Talk about inspiration!

Peggy Moffitt liked bright tights ...

Crazy dresses!

High hem-lines.

(I love how the circles repeat themselves across her dress and socks.)

And ... looking like a cross between a Regency soldier (the white stockings and black shoes) and a little boy (the shorts)?

I like how she combines colours in unexpected ways, and her distinctive hair and make-up -- the look is almost clownish, more scary than sexy. I doubt I want to try her make-up or hair (too lazy), but I find her palette of clashing bright colours inspiring.

- Zen

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