Sunday, 22 March 2009

Skirts that go with T-shirts

I've been on a dress kick after years of lounging around in T-shirts, but after picking up a couple of oversized T-shirts for a song at Zara, my interest in them has been reignited. They're surprisingly versatile. Under a cardigan and belt, they are reasonably convincing dresses; they add lightness when tucked into a ladylike calf-length tweed skirt; they are super comfy when worn with tracksuit bottoms as sleepwear. But most of all, with a scarf, a pair of jeans and Converses -- I may look like a misguided hipster kid, but damn it, I am comfortable!

So when I saw that Threadless was having a sale, with their super cool graphic T-shirts going at US$5, it seemed an opportunity too good to miss.

Having dithered and finally settled on three T-shirts from the site, I started wondering how I'd wear my T-shirts. I only have two wearable pairs of jeans, and I'm very lazy about laundry, so there had to be some other option for when both pairs were in the wash.

So I went to H&M and tried on about half a million things I thought might possibly go with graphic tees.

I liked this A-line skirt the best, not least because it had a really mod feel, with the shape and the double row of buttons down the front.

This was the right size; I checked to make sure once I'd put it on, because damn, it was tight! It wasn't bad, I guess -- it didn't make my tummy look quite as obvious as it seems from the photos -- but overtly sexy is not really my style. For one thing, I like being able to sit down.

I was enchanted by this frilly mint-green skirt when I saw it on the rack, but when I put it on I didn't like it quite as much.

High-waisted poofy bubble skirt! I couldn't decide if I liked this or felt it was just too much. It's actually a very demure, non-shiny cotton, though the lighting makes it look as if it's made of PVC.

Blue-and-white striped denim skirt, though you can't see the stripes in the crappy light. Was pretty meh about this; I like the buttons, but dislike the sort of squarish shape of the skirt.

My second favourite of the items I tried on was a navy blue pencil skirt. I have mixed feelings about pencil skirts -- as I said, I like being able to sit down and for all my various bumps and concavities to be hidden from the public eye, and pencil skirts don't always cater to those desires. But this one does look quite charming.

Edited to add: I forgot to mention that I also tried on harem pants!

Yeah, er, I don't know. From some angles they have a chic slouchiness, but from others they basically look like clown pants.

I did in fact buy one of the items I tried on, but a picture of it + T-shirt in all their glory will have to wait till I actually receive the T-shirts. In the meantime, I'll keep rewearing my Zara T-shirts ...

With optimistic pink shorts! :)

- Zen

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Lemms and Hems said...

oooooh so those are harem trousers! i didn't realise till now....though u were talking about smth else....actually....i like^__^ yeah! need to save up n go buy some happy things^__^