Monday, 20 July 2009

I gotta say ...

I'm not feeling the love from my fellow Lemms here. Sam's having exams and is therefore exempt, but Sue has been silent for millennia -- what's the deal, Sue? Nobody signed up for the all-Zen all-the-time clothes blog!

Sadly I appear to be the only one who is boliao enough to be posting here, so y'all will just have to put up with me. I haven't been posting for a while because I just had a week's holiday Berlin and then raced to Cambridge to attend my boyfriend's graduation ceremony.

Neither was an especially fashion-focused event, but I did manage to take some pictures which may be of interest ...

I tried on -- but did not buy -- these shoe boots in an H&M in Berlin. I'm surprised I haven't seen them on other fashion blogs already. I think they are adorable!

Speaking of adorable, check out the print on this dress I saw hanging outside a secondhand clothes shop near Warschauer Strasse station. It was only 4 euros. I'm not sure why I didn't buy it -- perhaps a concern that, not being much of a gamer, I'd just be posin' if I wore it.

Close-up of the print:

Berlin is home to lots of interesting graffiti. Here are two images seen on walls that I wished I could screenprint onto a T-shirt.

The pensive monster was actually on the wall of a T-shirt shop, but there were no T-shirts featuring it inside the shop. False advertising. :(

Back in England, I took some bad pictures of pretty people at the graduation ceremony. The fun thing about graduations is that there are lots of different sorts of people at them, and you get to see what they each consider to be appropriate dress for a graduation. Several impressive hats and saris, but I was struck by the simplicity and prettiness of this woman's outfit.

I know I find this attractive simply because I like muted blues and purples, but I wonder whether it also helps that the woman wearing it has short pale blonde hair? Short pale blonde hair seems to help wonderfully if you are trying to look chic. Witness Agyness Deyn.

Less elegant but more interesting -- I was impressed by this woman's gold-and-pale-blue damask suit.

You can't see it very well because Grey Cardigan got in the way -- grr! -- but it's actually a jacket over a dress. The dress is plain pale gold on the top; the blue patterning action only begins at the bottom of the dress.

Finally, a photo unrelated to any of the things above.

Seen in an Oxfam shop. The reverse of this T-shirt features a small Singapore flag -- I already knew, of course, because of the use of the word 'prata'.

- Zen

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