Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Umbrellas make everything better

Umbrella - sister's
Necklace - Vincci Accessories
T-shirt - Zara
Skirt - mother's
Shoes - Kate Kanzier
SOAS tote bag - gift from friend

I really liked this outfit and plan to do more variations on the T-shirt/long skirt combo. It's one I always think is going to be a great idea -- see e.g. this picture of Alexa Chung on StyleCovered -- but for some reason it never quite works out for me, usually 'cos I'm not keen on tucking things in and I'm not that keen on belts. Not tucking my T-shirt in made it look sloppier but 100% more comfortable. And you know where my priorities lie when it comes to style vs. comfort! (The only time I betray my principles in this respect is wrt shoes. Oh shoes, why so beautiful yet so comfortless?)

Also you might have noticed that I did buy shoes from Kate Kanzier after all. I have good reasons for this but I gotta run, so no time to explain them! *koff*

- Zen

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