Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Over the knees and far away

I guess I have turned into a fashion victim. Doubtless when I return to London over-the-knee boots will be on everyone and will start to be like gladiator sandals -- so over-exposed that I cannot tell whether they are beautiful or ugly, because I instantly fall asleep upon seeing a pair. But I've been wanting a pair for a while, and then I spent a night browsing Mina magazine and sighing over the adorable Japanese girls in high boots and tiny dresses, and the very next morning I saw these in Nose for less than £40.

Reader, I bought them.

I could have resisted, of course, but what's the point of life if you don't give in to temptation once in a while?

I will first link you to Coutorture's Trend Report on over-the-knee boots, though they will not really help you understand the allure. When Google found me the page I settled down for a happy fifteen minutes browsing lovely designer variations on over-the-knee boots, but I just could not get into them because the models are so depressing. I mean, just look at this girl.

This is by Pucci -- the very same Pucci, as The august Manolo reminds us, who makes the smiles. Look, there is absolutely nothing wrong with being thin and I'm not in favour of the "give this girl a sandwich" model of body positiveness. (If we are pushing positive body image, then everyone should get to feel good about their bodies, including super skinny girls.)

But does this model make the smiles? Her grim face; her depressing shoulders. It is not even the thinness that gets to me -- she is thinner than my personal ideal, but the gorgeous models in Mina are pretty skinny. I'm fine with the idea that models, particularly high fashion models, are not meant to be pretty -- if they were, the ridiculously beautiful Ljubenka Milunovic would be modelling a lot more haute couture. But should they really be so aesthetically unappealing that I am actively repulsed by clothes I might otherwise rather like? Perhaps I am not the target audience, however.

Anyway, now for examples of meeee wearing over-the-knee boots! I first tried them out with the top I was wearing and the short shorts I favour in Malaysian weather. (Of course, in weather where I could actually wear over-the-knee boots without drowning in sweat, I would be wearing tights with such an ensemble.)

Ivory top - Seed; black pinstripe shorts - Momoe/grey puff shorts - Primark

I'm not sure I would wear this ensemble, though. Too sexy.

I did like the effect I got when I swapped out the fitted top for a long flowy top I got in Hong Kong years ago.

Loose tank top - 2%; black pinstripe shorts - Momoe

The advice I found on a random fashion website that over-the-knees should be worn with loose-fit clothes turns out to be true! I'd also like to try a variant on this Isabel Marant look -- one of the few where distaste for the model did not completely overwhelm any liking for the style.

I like the sort of chillness of it. And it looks super comfy!

But obviously, being both lazy and traditionalist, the main way I am going to style these boots is with tiny pretty little dresses. Bright prints optional, but preferred.

Little green dress with orange-and-white potato print pattern - boutique in Dataran Sunway

Grey dress with fan pattern - Leather Lane market

But while I really love the combination of mid-thigh-length dresses and over-the-knee boots, my favourite picture from this session is this one, where you can't even see the tops of the boots.

Off-white dress - Bang Bang Clothing Exchange

It looks so cool! Clearly these boots and this dress were made for each other.

- Zen

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