Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Shoe Krahzy

Shoes buys from home! I thought it would be interesting to contrast the styles and prices between shoes from Malaysia and the UK.

I find shoes sold here extremely high, to the extent that they look like high rise buildings stuck underneath shoes.

Maybe it's just me but I cannot imagine myself walking in those heels, towering over people in the day but coming back with the worst feet ache at night.

For example,
Lulu Guinness in Alexander McQueen runway shoes! I thought Lady Gaga was bonkers in her video apparently there is someone krahzier than Gaga.

Another one from Lulu Guinness.
I don't know whether to tell her to work it with those Nina Ricci's or to go into a mental institution.

I lean towards the latter. Practicality is my priority any time of the day.

So here are shoes purchased from home, how they look like and how they're priced. Mind you I am always after bargains so my price ranges may be a tad skewed.

First bargain! I loved it the minute I set eyes on them. They were the perfect pair of studded heels, enough to make an make a serious outfit look more roughed out. These pair of heels may look plain and simple but I just love how the T-back extends the length of your legs, not to mention the height of the heels on these pair (3 inches). I got them for RM35.90 (£6), half price from Voir. Brilliant buy if I do say so myself.

The second pair.When I saw it sitting on the shelf, I thought it was rather interesting, plus I liked the fact that the clasp was in gold. Tried it on for fun and it went straight to the till with me. It wasn't on sale but lucky me, I had a RM30 voucher in hand. I got these off from Vincci at RM39.90 (£7 ish).
I just love the criss-cross pattern. Heels are pretty much okay, around 2 inches. It is surprisingly comfy too considering that they are from Vincci.

The third and last pair.The one thing I honestly don't understand about the shoe industry in Malaysia is the lack of simple court shoes. Seriously, if they were in leather, they would look super gaudy, if they were in PVC, they would look super cheap and are a pain on the feet. I don't understand!

I hunted these down for my graduation and as another pair of work shoes. Because of Malaysia's love of sling backs and all things strappy, I found them at the very last minute, right before I was about to leave to the UK. They were a tad bid expensive, RM299 (£50) from Lewre. It is okay though considering the prices in the UK for a pair of leather court shoes. In fact it may be cheaper if compared to the likes of Jones and Russell and Bromley. Plus it was from Parkson, where you get RM10 vouchers for every RM150 you spend on members' day, not to mention Bonus Link points, similar to Nectar but wayyyy better in terms of value of points.

I love my shoes a lot unfortuntely I love my Barclays bank account more. I never thought buying shoes fom the UK was worth it because the quality just doesn't justify the price I have to pay. Maybe this will change when I finally get a job, but till then, I will endeavor to find pretty shoes at prices that are kind to my wallet.

- Sue

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