Saturday, 27 December 2008

Capitalist excesses, part II

As I remarked pensively to my best friend Max today, if the economy has yet to revive, it is not for lack of effort on my part.

The rest of my shopping has finished being laundered, so: pictures! Items new except where described as remixed. (As far as I can tell, "remixed" is just a fancy way of saying "I have worn this before and am now wearing it again", in the same way that "vintage" means "basically, old; usually, smelly".)

Grey polka-dot cardigan - Marks & Spencer; necklace - Vincci Accessories; top - Seed (remixed); skirt - Colours (remixed)

This outfit makes me feel like a primary school teacher. ^_^ I shall wear it to go watch a film tomorrow.

Dress - Ember; shoes - Vincci Accessories

The shoes are the angelic white ballet flats mentioned at the end of the previous post. I know I said I was sick of shopping, but firstly, I was probably lying; secondly, they have more or less stopped playing Christmas music, and have started playing Chinese New Year music instead! I have a far higher tolerance for Chinese New Year music than for Christmas carols, due to prolonged exposure in my youth.

Thirdly, look at them! They are so cute! And they were RM30, which is not excessive for shoes. I shall remove the straps and wear them everywhere, but always bring a rag and some soap with me in readiness for untoward events. In three months they shall be grey, alas.

Deceptive knit top - Cortefiel; jeans - Dorothy Perkins (remixed many a time); white ballet flats - Vincci Accessories

The top is deceptive because it is not really a shirt under a sweater; it is just a sweater with pretend shirt-bits attached. I love the dramatic white sleeves. They make me feel like a Shakespearean actor.

Top - FOS; necklace - Axxezz

Axxezz is shockingly expensive, but this choker-necklace creature was RM12, probably because it is basically made out of coconut.

It is AMAZING. This top is not right. None of the three tops I tried on with it were right. I have not figured out how to wear it yet, but there must be a way. I adore statement necklaces, and this one says, "Hello! I am awesome!"

Dress - Nichii Fashion City; stockings - Daiso

And my last, shameful extravagance. I have no particular need for this, especially as it is entirely the wrong colours to wear to my brother's wedding, but I tried it on for fun when Max and I wandered into Nichii Fashion City looking for evening dresses, and then spent five minutes gazing at myself in the mirror, transfixed.

I can just about sit down in it. If I put on so much as a smidgen of weight from my joyous feastin's this holiday --

Delicious delicious pho

-- I will no longer be able to wear my beautiful dress which makes me feel as glamorous as a million Audrey Hepburns smoking those cute old long cigarettes and wearing strings of pearls, and Sue will have to inherit it, whether she will or no. May that day be long in coming!

- Zen

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