Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Meds & Hems...

My interests in fashion are few...true, to a certain extent, mainly because I can’t be asked to wake up the extra half an hour, or however long it takes, to look pretty in a dress and tights (knowing how I’m such an un-morning person...half an hour extra is actually being really optimistic!). So you can imagine me at the end of my pre-clinical days (all that was required back then was to roll out of bed, be hygienic and crawl to lectures in pyjamas-level presentable) looking excitedly at clinical school life, where I finally run around in the hospital with my stethoscope, thinking “crap I need to buy a whole new wardrobe..." >__<

I have whined and digressed way too much! The point of all this is...want to see what I have in my “clinical school-wardrobe” now? It’s not really that special, but for me it’s a super step up! I will obviously tweak the looks depending on what the NHS trust dress code is at the time, but in general: nothing below the elbows (so no watches around the wrist), no jeans, and clothes with offensive slogans^_^! It’s probably a good thing that we are required to dress smartly and look somewhat professional (whether or not we have truly learnt the communication skills for it yet!

Here comes the skirt and tights! ...and I had to throw on a vest because I love vests (and am now banned from buying anymore...) also because I think it makes it look like I put in slightly more effort...even if I do look more like a waitress!

White shirt - Fox. Skirt - Interplanet. Black tights - Japan. Vest - random stall during the Thames Festival.

I love vests! You’ve probably noticed that I’m trying to sneak black jeans into the hospital...well sometimes you can get away with it. I still prefer them to slacks...old habits die hard.

Shirt - Comme Ça Ism. Vest - somewhere in Harajuku. Jeans - Bik Bok.

This is more casual, and works when all I have to do is attend seminars and teaching sessions etc. Could work in the ward with the slightly-less nitpicky nurses and doctors.

Sleeveless top - somewhere in Japan. Vest - Comme Ça Ism. Jeans - Bik Bok. Jacket - Mango.

I should also probably also blog about the shoes I have hunted down for clinical school...but that will be another post, for another month! (I really should get off my lazy bum and blog more too!)
Hopefully the next hospital I am at has the white tunic rule for medical students. I could get away with so much more when you throw a white tunic over everything. Maybe I should keep an eye out for how well people can work it and blog about that! I have spent too much money on clinic-clothes this year, I think I shall join Zen in her shopping ban...


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Lemms and Hems said...

I like your Harajuku vest! Zen's shopping ban is very ineffective, sigh. I went to a charity shop today and now want to buy a pair of witchy square-toed oxford shoes for £5 ... maybe if they're still there tomorrow!

- Zen