Monday, 22 December 2008

Unconventional Finds

Finally, a break from studies and back to lazy mornings sipping English tea and munching on freshly baked bread spread with Lurpak butter while going through e-mails and blogs. No, the fresh part was faux because firstly I don't mix and knead dough everyday and secondly, there's this small miracle in life where you can get part baked pain, pop them into the oven for ten minutes and voila! The illusion of freshly baked bread.

Anyway, enough about my morning rituals. Let's talk about something more exciting. Stuff you've never thought you did like before. You know, things like mince pies, liquorice, marzipan or brussel sprouts. I am sorry, everything here seems to revolve around food, but you get what I mean.

Today, I bought something I would never have worn. Prints. More specifically a watergarden open back print dress. A more visual object, this.

Well, to be fair, the picture does not do any justice to the colours at all. It looks like a Renoir painting. But again, what was I thinking? Let me explain.

My aunt was in a shopping spree mood, what with all the great reductions welcoming the 'next great depression the world will ever witness'. We were also in an area where high street stores were absolutely obsolete aka Sloane Square. I mean, I love the area and its stores but it's just that I never felt it was right to splurge daddy's money on decadent things. My own? That's another story which I can only tell if this recession gives me a job.

So, I was there being her carrier for all bags paper and big when she went into Whistles which was having this massive 50% off sale. 50%! I must admit, I am a quantitative person but when it comes to percentage, as long as the numbers are BIG, even if the the net price nis high, it will always increase my endrophins and adrenaline. (Man, I should just have 50% off signs posted all over my bedroom to make me happier.) High levels of endrophin and adrenaline are really such a dangerous combination. I just started grabbing dresses that apperead nice without a second thought and immediately rushed into the changing rooms to try them on.

I don't suppose I was going to actually buy any of them but I just wanted to try them on 'to see'. And when that dress clothed me, I was amazed at how flattering the prints made me look. It's ruched at the waist so the top hangs loosely but in a nice way because it's silk. Then the bottom skirt bit had a slight volumious flow to it. I was actually reminded of Bree van de Kamp (Marcia Cross) of Desperate Housewives.
In a good, low key, sophisticated way of course.

Did I mention that underneath the dress was a lace skirt as well? It was lovely! To be honest, I hated those things when I was 5, they itched like hell and gave me the heeby jeebies when my mum dressed me up. I even had matching laced socks for effect which amplified my itchiness and grouchiness. But those things do make a huge difference to how the dress hangs on you. In fact, if put under the right material, it makes the whole dress looks so much better.

So yes, in my defense, I thought I looked great in it. Plus, it was something different. Not a staple in the wardrobe but one striking outfit. It's rare to find dresses that looks great on you and doesn't look black. And of course, I could have waited for boxing day sales but I didn't want to take the risk of not being able to find it in my dress size and then I would regret and be sad and paste 50% off signs in my room to alleviate my sadness, which would make me an even sad-er person. Another plus point, I have a return option too.

I actually plan to wear this for the Chem Eng annual dinner going to be held at The Roof Gardens. It's pretty apt, don't you think so? The dress is also a great summer dress and perfect for any classic English country wedding, if I am going to one that is. So what are the thoughts? Have I absolutely lost it or was it a moment of genius?


Z said...

I like! It has so many of the features that I love, though (cinched at the waist, flared skirt, cap sleeves, colours, bold print, especially prints that look like they are a painting!), that I don't think I can be said to be objective. :) I want a photo of you in it! How much was it?

pee ess: didn't you end up wearing the ebay Chloe dress to the Chem Eng dinner though?

nnyleus said...

haha I knew you would like it! Yep yep a photo will be up soon, if i find matching shoes, that is. Ooo it was 75, do you think it was much? I dunno really, I am still in awe that I can look amazing in that dress.

i did! it was for the chirstmas dinner, this other dinner is the annual dinner ;) i wore it and everyone said i looked good and loved dress! now i dunno whether wanna sell :(

Z said...

You need white shoes! Maybe peep toes. And pearls. omg and a Hoover so you can pose and take '50s-style photos. So cute!!!

Wait till you have another chance to wear it lor, then only sell. It's not going to get musty in such a short time.