Saturday, 9 January 2010

Pants post

After years of slouching around in ill-fitting, uncomfortable jeans, I converted finally and decidedly to dresses, and have yet to look back. You guys, dresses are so much more comfortable. Provided you get the right kind, they don't squeeze you in awkward places, they don't leave grooves on your skin from having dug in all day, and once you've put a dress on, you're dressed -- no need to worry about finding a nice top or anything like that.

I suppose all of that except the last statement could be said of jeans, but it's way harder for pear-shaped me to find jeans that fit comfortably. And dresses, it must be said, are more exciting.

I still do find it difficult to resist a nice pair of shorts, but let's blame that on upbringing. Who doesn't wear shorts, so near the equatorial? I have lots of pairs, but I haven't been able to find a satisfactory pair of high-waisted shorts. I think they are so cute!

These were pretty nice, but I go back and forth on denim shorts -- they're a little too Daisy Duke for me. Besides, they were RM90, and I wasn't really about to pay RM90 for a pair of shorts.

Then I found these slouchy ankle-skimming trousers in a lovely soft tweed. Now this is an office-appropriate look I could get behind.

It's a cut I've seen and liked on other people but have always doubted would work on myself. I thought they looked pretty good when I'd tried them on, though. They are also charming dressed down with a more casual top, so I got them.

If you would like a simple, well-cut black jacket from Etam discounted from £50 down to RM50 and you are a size 34, 40 or 42, you should go to FOS in 1 Utama! Sadly 34 is a wee too small for me -- it fit, but not when I was wearing anything with sleeves under it -- so I left it. I think it would be nice for work!

- Zen

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Sue said...

the high waisted shorts look so good on you! I think it has super slimming powers!