Sunday, 11 July 2010

Browsing not buying

I like this dress!

Pretty pretty. Though goodness, original price is expensive. Why? It's just a cotton dress.

Saw a lady wearing this at the park today:

I've been quietly coveting the ASOS Africa dresses for a while, but seeing this particular dress in person successfully quenched my desire for it. Not because it was hideous or anything, but it just wasn't amazing. Plus the top was loose on the woman wearing it, and considering she had boobs and I don't really, that doesn't seem that promising. Instead I shall equip myself with £25 one of these Sundays and trot down to Spitalfields Market to buy one of the very charming African print shift dresses sold at a stall there.

Still secretly want these shorts, though.

In orange/pink. Excellent.

On a more unattainable note, Minimarket really caught my eye in this most recent browse of ASOS.

Find these dresses very appealing for some reason. They're minimalist and just slightly left off centre, and the shapes and textures used are strong and unexpected. Like it!

- Zen

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