Thursday, 15 July 2010

Bunny Ears are ♥

Louis Vuitton Fall 2009. $400(£260)

Corea Spring 2010. 3,000krw (£1.60)
My reaction exactly! I actually thought they were scarves because they were unfolded and bent into a bucket, making it seem as if they were scarves. Thinking they were scarves, I asked the ahjussi manning the stall at Myeongdong, 명동 for the price. When he said 3,000krw, 'CHEAP!' flashed right in my brain. I walked over to choose my loot but immediately upon touching them, bells started ringing in my head. These things were not scarves, they were wired inside, like literally not technologically. And I know I have seen these things before. On dramas! That's how they stood up! And I became a happy bunny that night.
Then I went to Hongdae, 홍대 and asked around for their prices. I was even more excited when they were selling them at 5,000krw! Plus, they didn't have as many variety as compared to that ahjussi, who had, I dare say more than a hundred of these things and all of them were very different.
Oops, I swear I had them on, but this picture was one of the least pixelated ones so just imagine the bunny ears ok. Salmon pink top (H&M), Gray satin shorts (Corea, 5,900krw ^^), Belt (Mummy's vintage thrash)
Then I came back to Malaysia and did my weekly blog-window shopping and found them being sold at RM27 (11,000krw) excluding delivery! With only 3 different patterns to choose from! That blog was the very first mover though, they started selling the week after I came back and the lowest I've seen them go for in other blogs is still more than double my original price.
White racer back (F.O.S), Black cotton dress (Corea, 8,000krw ^^)

Bunny ears, that's what we need to finish this look - Marc Jacobs

- Sue (If you wonder why I have so few self portraits, this post explains it all. My home's lighting kills all narcissistic desires to camwhore)

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Zen said...

Wahhh, love the satin shorts! Very Chloe. Also like how you're working this season's maxi dress look. XD

I'm not so sure about the rabbit headband ... but yours are totally bargainous!