Monday, 12 July 2010

Dress StressT_T

Hey I'm back! Haven't blogged in ages>_< Lazy me. I guess I have just as much inertia to blogging as dress shopping.

This week's mission: Get dresses for cousin's wedding. Going in shorts and t-shirt is not acceptable!

Good thing summer sale is still on after my exams. I hit the streets one fryably hot afternoon to look for dresses; need one for church wedding and one for the evening. But I got distracted (amongst other things) by this adorable baby-ele print dress. Too casual for wedding...and I wasn't in the mood for fun-clothes left it-__- Took a picture for Zen cos I knew it would make her squeal a little:D I scouted out Lipsy, Ted baker, Karen Millen and Jane Norman (yes I was quite desperate). Nothing really caught my eye. Since I had no idea what looked good on me and what didn't (this sort of shopping is really out of my comfort zone) so I tried almost everything...behold a pink dress from Lipsy. It was quite hideous in reality, the texture of the dress and the way the toga made my shoulders look really broad...but the photo turned out surprisingly not too bad! I think I have never acutally worn pink before...always thought it made me look like a marshmallow. This dress is too short for back to the racks it went.

Moving on to Darimeya, since Zen suggested that I should look around for "interesting prints", eg. things with animals/food...cos that would make me like a dress instantly.

Darimeya often reminds me of my mum's style, cos she likes prints. This was not too bad, but not really me. (Gah! to me honest I don't think many of the dresses I tried were things I would usually wear. When black was ruled out I lost a major part of my colour palatteT_T)

I acutally quite liked this. But the top white bit was t-shirt prob too casual...goodbye:(

This is another Darimeya dress. I like the musical notes, looks like something from a children's cartoon. But thought it was not worth the price....NEXT!

You can probably tell that this is quite a moody post about the dresses that I failed to find:(

This dress came close,but the colour is perhaps too bridesmaid? My family advised against colours similar to the bridegown colour. I never knew there were so many rules for wedding-attenders. It was only £22 would have been suitable for another occasion...maybe grad or smth...I could throw a blazer over it - easy! Unfortunately, I left it on hold at the cashier's while I browsed a bit more...and by the time I came back it was no where to be found! The shop believed that they may have mistakenly sold it to someone else....last piece....oh was not meant to be....

Hopefully tomorrow I will have better luck. There is one piece of good news though...I did find a dress for the church wedding. A Darimeya one. Found it in Topshop when the mad crowd cleared...30mins before closing time...I shall save picture-taking for when I wear it to the wedding...

Still need an evening dress. Will update with more failed dress attempts unless heatstroke takes me first.


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sue said...

I agree! The photo of the pink dress came out looking really good! I spy a really cute black and white one piece dress behind you ;)

Try looking in the departmental stores, they might have some nice evening gowns.