Thursday, 19 November 2009

Breaking News

20 year old model Daul Kim is dead.She was found dead this morning in Paris and some sources claim it's suicide.

This comes as a shocker to me as she was recently made Karl Lagerfield's muse and has been featured in the new ad for Coco Cocoon. I've always liked her sense of style and honesty she portrays in her blog, I Like to Fork Myself. In fact she just made a post the day before she passed away titled 'Say hi to forever'. I've recently been hooked into the Korean culture and there seems to be a trend these days for celebrities to commit suicide, some even triggered bt comments made by netizens. It is really tragic and I hope she rests in peace.
P.S. I had always wanted to feature her in our blog because of her ethnicity and the ruthless industry she was in. I thought she would make it big. Never thought it would end here.

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