Friday, 20 November 2009

Clothes not mine

I should actually take photos of things I've actually bought, rather than just things I've tried on. Oh well.

This is monochromatic, which is my favourite lack-of-colour combination. And I like the exposed zipper. But I think it's kind of boring and even unflattering, so out it goes.

Oh dear, I was so disappointed (though not surprised) when I tried these high-waisted pants on and decided they emphasised my hips way too much for comfort. I love the high-waisted look -- so cute and retro! -- and wearing such things also makes you feel like Napoleon.

And who doesn't want to feel like Napoleon once in a while?

But on balance I thought they were unflattering and that they should go back on the rack. I do wonder if I should learn to love my hips, though. I've noticed that I tend to be drawn to shapeless/A-line dresses; while these are incredibly comfortable, I'm pretty sure I also like them because they hide the shape of the tummy-to-thigh region. Which is fine and all, everyone dresses to match what they perceive as their strengths and conceal their weaknesses, but it's quite a large part of your body to dislike. Hmm.

In unrelated news, I was browsing ASOS during a lull at work today and I was enchanted by Yohji Yamamoto's Coming Soon line. As I understand it, it's supposed to be a "super casual" line, which is funny because before I saw it I was trying to figure out how you could dress for work at a conservative workplace and still look super cool, and when I saw these pictures, I said, "Aha! Like that!"

Admittedly you couldn't wear these jogging bottoms to work, as oddly formal-looking as they are.

(I think Sue would look awesome in this ensemble, by the way, though I'm not sure if I'm saying this of her specifically simply because she's the only one of us Lemms who has worn harem pants so far.)

But surely this look would be fine for even a pretty conservative workplace.

I'm not sure how flattering it would be on somebody not shaped like a model, but doesn't she look cool? I do like the unusual length, hitting under the knee, and the fact that it wouldn't look too weird until you looked closer.

The two pieces I like the most are these, though:

A peculiar knit wrap top that in reality I would probably not know how to wear.

And this gorgeous maxi dress. It's so elegant!

I especially like that the top is wool and the skirt part is silk. Contrasting textures in the same colour, how delicious.

ASOS actually has a much cheaper alternative which gives a similar effect -- ASOS seam detail jersey maxi dress -- and which I saw via Fruchtzwerg's Island's post here.

But it is not the same without the contrast in textures! Also I think the jersey dress would be hugely unflattering on me -- jersey can be ruthless on your sticky-out bits -- whereas the fact that the Yohji Yamamoto dress has a waist would prolly help me out.

- Zen

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