Sunday, 8 November 2009

Fitting room photos

For some reason when I go shopping I keep taking pictures of things I'm not gonna buy, and not bothering to photograph things I actually do buy. Here are some things I didn't buy.

Scarlet is, I think, a local brand; its section in Jaya Jusco has much of the feel of a Primark, with the same variety in available styles. Some of the items are ordinary and perfectly desirable: e.g. this very wearable dress.

Some of the things are a little more avant garde, but not unobjectionable. I was intrigued by this swishy layered purple dress.

And then you get the Power Ranger T-shirts.

Scarlet, I must confess I do not always understand you.

Today I went to Nicchi Fashion City, another purveyor of quick-moving, affordable fashion, which promises a similar range of clothes from WTF to charming. I really liked this maxi dress I tried on.

It's my favourite colour (purple!) and I think the slightly patchwork look, and the hints of brown, really work. Sadly it was not entirely flattering -- you can't see it in these pictures, but the cut of the top bit meant that the flesh of my armpits pooched out from the sides. So I didn't get it.

Besides, when would one wear a maxi dress? Because of its length I feel it's a leetle too fancy to wear to a shopping mall ... but let's face it, if it had fit me well I would've bought it and worn it anywhere, and be damned to appropriateness.

- Zen

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