Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Fashion is for the week

I usually let fashion blogs filter the results of fashion weeks for me -- I'm not especially interested in high fashion because it's mostly not meant for people to want to wear. But my interest was piqued when I saw a link to an album of photos from Malaysia Fashion Week.

Sort of meh about most of it, but I think this dress by Lee Jinx Yiing (Malaysians have such weird names) would make a really cool wedding gown.

I like the embroidery crawling over the dress, like lightning or twigs.

Also liked the batik-y prints from Nazari Maarus.

But my favourite picture from the album was this one:

I love the expression on the second lady from the right. She's having a great time at Malaysia Fashion Week!

For more fashion photos, you can browse the Seattle Post-Intelligencer Gallery archive. Highlights include this Tokyo Fashion Week album, from which we learn that there was a Dirndl Meets Kimono event celebrating the ties between Japan and Austria.


- Zen

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