Monday, 16 November 2009

It's been a long time coming

So it is. Due to the complexity of my mind (or rather, lack of), lack of inspiration, chores and also the ocassional blue screen of death, I have kind of avoided mainstream fashion blogs like the plague. idk (Btw, I only just recently found out that idk stood for "i don't know" when all the while i thought it was an onomotopoeia TT)

So yes, I actually lived my life blogging in my head instead of doing it here. For instance, like the time I saw this perfectly awesome art that was rather cute from afar...... but disgusting when near.
Or this other time when Zen and I went vintage window shopping at Goodge Street where we got our hands on pretty high end vintage items that made us cry inside because they were so beautiful yet so expensive. It was also in here where we saw amazing shoe exhibit #1 fit for another art exhibition...
... including its second hand price tag.Or in Summer where I found awesome places to go to to buy simple dresses at RM25 a pop, that's almost a £4 pound equivalent. This I must clarify, they might look drabby when hung, or maybe my lousy camera just doesn't do it justice, but the quality is actually not that bad. The blue one's the best. It doesn't look cheap when you put it on and works amazingly well with a huge dark blue belt and killer heels or I could edge it up with one of these, something I am earnestly planning to get.And a whole lot more pictures I've taken for outfit posts but lost confidence in them. The inner workings of a simple yet fickle minded mind. Just like fashion. However, I promise to never blog in my head but come staright here without hesitation. It will be a place for me to look back and cringe at how silly I was, but it all doesn't matter because rightfully people who care wouldn't read this shit I spin anyway.

I will end this post with this picture I took at that posh vintage shop which is kinda apt.Much love and very much back,

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