Sunday, 7 June 2009

Bagginess, bags

Inspired by the drape and flow of Japanese summer fashion, I decided to have a day of bagginess and layering ...

Black turtleneck - Scarlet via Jaya Jusco; drapey magenta dress - TK Maxx; black hold-ups - 100 yen store in Japan; black canvas jazz shoes - F-Troupe

Sam and Sue, on the other hand, just decided to wear bags.

Black bin-liners - probably Tesco; belt - vintage; elegantly bare feet - God's own; background mess - Sam's

It wasn't just to make a fashion point -- Sue now has hair that is glowingly brown under direct sunlight, with the help of a home hairdye kit and Sam's nimble fingers. But aren't they ever so chic?

- Zen

1 comment:

Sue said...

OMG... I can now die in horror.

Laydeeeee in a trash bag.