Friday, 19 June 2009

My Shoes Were Tight But My Feet Were Loose

My outfit today was a strange contrast between the windy looseness of the top and the fierce constriction of my feet.

Lilac shift dress with puff sleeves - COS via charity shop
Black plastic bead necklace - somewhere in Malaysia
Purple jade bead necklace - gift from parents
Purple socks - probably Jaya Jusco
Burgundy oxford wedges - Stephanie Kelian via Oxfam online

I have just taken the shoes off. My feet are tingling from the renewed flow of blood.

If outfits were like lawn mowers and I were doing a product review of my outfit for you, dear reader, who might conceivably use the same product I am describing some day -- this is what I would say.

- The shoes are not actively painful even for someone whose primary use for heels is adoration from afar. They are not comfortable. (Honesty.) But they are not obtrusively uncomfortable. (Rationalising.)
- I am not sure this dress is supposed to look ratty and crumpled, but that is what happens even if you iron it lovingly in the morning. Probably there is some kind of skill to wearing it so that it remains flawlessly smooth the whole day long. Perhaps it helps to be French. Anyway it is not a dress for novices, unless you are a novice who does not mind looking unsleek because your dress has more wrinkles than Jabba the Hutt's bum.
- I did feel like I'd just wandered out of a hospital. Something about the pale colour and the looseness.

Next up -- stuff Zen thinks you should buy from Oxfam because she's been spending too much money so she can't! I don't think anyone actually finds my posts on Oxfam clobber interesting or amusing, much less useful. But it interests and amuses me to do it, so why not.

- Zen

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