Sunday, 21 June 2009

Day -2

Yanking out Disgruntled Panda made me want to wear it.

Purple jade necklace - gift from parents
Disgruntled panda top - some shop in Harajuku
Tiny pink shorts - H&M
Black canvas jazz shoes - F-Troupe

I actually also wore grey argyle knee-high socks because I was worried it wouldn't be quite warm enough to wear such short shorts out. (It wasn't, but also it was. Ah, Britain.) But the socks spoilt my vision of the outfit so I have taken them off.

The purple jade necklace isn't adding much either. This outfit is a metaphor for how we are distracted from the fierce simplicity of our inner vision by inconsequential whims, and so allow the clarity of our dreams to be muddied by the unnecessary messiness of desire.

I once sat on cow poop in these shorts, but I promise I have cleaned them enough that they are OK for wearing. My policy from now on is to sit exclusively on non-cow-poop things when wearing these shorts.

- Zen

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