Saturday, 20 June 2009


It's like mood-lighting, but with clothes.

Grey dress - unbranded via charity shop
Purple tights - Dorothy Perkins
Oxfords - River Island

I'm not sure about this dress, but I try not to dismiss things just because they're not conventionally flattering, if I have good reasons for liking them. You know how fashion advice is always "don't wear this because it won't hide your tummy", "don't wear that if you are short because it will make you look like you have short stubby legs". That's all very useful and sure, I would hesitate before buying mid-calf-length capri pants. But I always wonder: what if I want to look like I have short stubby legs? What if I want to accentuate the roundness of my face, rather than artificially lengthen it? What if I liked my tummy and wanted it to disturb the line of my dress?

I don't really like my tummy, I would like to pretend to have long legs and I try to avoid looking too round-faced if I can help it. But it's a thing to think about.


A new style icon:

Image via Advanced Style

This is how I want to dress when I am of a Certain Age. The appeal of this outfit is that you could easily imagine her doing kung fu in it. She looks like she likes pretending that she is Wong Fei Hung.

- Zen

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