Saturday, 6 June 2009

Shoe Geek II

Remember this post where I was dying for a pair of Marni knockoffs?
I always knew that they were an easy pair to copy and lo and behold, I found that Nose, a decent shoe shop in Malaysia is doing them from Jing of Vanilla Whites and Velvet Ribbon. I sorta kinda guessed Nose and not Vincci would be the potential follower, because sometimes Vincci seems like it tries too hard to not follow just so it stands out on its on but clearly the marketing and designing strategy doesn't really cut it. For quality and design, go for Charles and Keith any day girls. Make sure it's the one in Changi, no tax! (: However, I haven't been back home for almost a year now so I hope the quality doesn't drop because the quality of Nose's shoes just nose dived but I'd still pick Nose over Vincci purely for aesthetic reasons.

Jing can also be found to be wearing a pair of Balmain inspired sandals here. And to be fair, I've seen them on my Thai coursemate who told me they can be found in Jatujak Market in Bangkok, which is another thing on my list of places to shop. I can't believe I have not visited that market yet because from what I've read, a lot of the things you see which you think are cute, quirky, in fashion in market stalls are all sourced from Jatujak! The most appalling thing that happens most of the time is that the prices are jacked up 2 to 3 times it original price! It sounds like a bargain paradise. I told Zen that we should pack only one set of clothes and the trip's worth of underwear if we were to go to Bangkok, because we'll definitely exceed the 15kg baggage limit AirAsia sets.

For now, the first thing I'm buying when I get back home are those pair of shoes. I hope they come in nude.
- Sue

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