Saturday, 13 June 2009

Fashion anime? Puhleez

Am not especially impressed by the anime short Superflat First Love, launched by Louis Vuitton and Takashi Murakami to mark six years of collaboration: news via Catwalk Queen.

The animation is high-quality and the art OK, but the obsession with and glorification of an expensive monogram isn't something that moves me. If we're talking bright colours, squeaky noises and Japanese whimsy, give me Katamari Damacy any day.

Ahhh. I challenge you to watch that and NOT feel your heart lift. It isn't possible. Katamari Damacy reminds one that beauty can exist in this world.

If only the T-shirts were sold in the UK! I guess I could order it off that website, but postage would be killer.

If you could commission people to design your life I would want mine to be designed by this dude.

- Zen


Sue said...

Whoaaaaa.... even I think it's overkill. Too much monograms! But yes, the art is good, LV and Murakami wor, the art had to be on par.

Zen said...

Even the art is too noseless for me though. And the short itself is too much flash, too little substance!

Aren't the Katamari T-shirts cute though? :O