Thursday, 25 June 2009

Fitting rooms and tea parties

This is a dress in Zara. I know this is ripped offa some designer, but who is it? Do you know?

I actually really like Zara shoes -- mostly their sandals. These beige ones were weird but sort of charming at the same time.

Despite my recently proclaimed ban on high street shopping, I might have got the white dress if they'd had it in S. In the picture I am wearing XS, but it is too small for me really. There was some energetic tummy-sucking-in going on.

After my wander around the shops I went for a vintage tea party with Sue!

As usual, Sue looked classy and I looked dorky.

Sue was terribly chic today. I love the note of white lent by her cute summery peep-toes. I don't know where those are from, but the bag is vintage via Rokit and the jump-suit is from Oasis.

While having our rose grey tea and Victoria sponge, I spotted a girl in a lovely flower necklace. I knew I'd seen a DIY version on the Internet, so I came home and Googled it. And sure enough, the Internet knew!

It seems fairly easy to do, but ... where would one get a lei?

- Zen

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