Friday, 19 June 2009

Stuff from Oxfam + blather

I feel convinced that if I stare at this long enough, the pattern will eventually resolve into a face.

BRILLIANT. It somehow wouldn't be quite as fantastic if the brand weren't called Droopy & Browns.

I am actually terrifically tempted by this. The other two are great, but neither of them are my size or really my style. I suppose this isn't really my style either, but it's so colourful! And sequined! And I like the grid.

I would wear this skirt with my disgruntled panda T-shirt/sweater



and pretend to be a circus.

And here are some shoes. You can wear them and pretend to be a French gentleman circa 1801.

It's in the buckles.

OK, so these would not let you feel like a French gentleman circa 1801. But you might as well wear oxfords as much as you can before they go out of fashion. It's strange to think that I might some day regard oxfords with the visceral horror that grips me when I see crop tops.

Image from ASOS

Speaking of ASOS, what about that cage dress on the front page, eh?

I'm not sure if this image still comes up when you go the website, but it was on there yesterday when CK tipped me off to it. (Hi, CK!) The first thing I thought of was Susie Bubble's post about Bordelle, but she's definitely not the only fashion blogger to be into cages -- just Google "cage dress" if you don't believe me.

The thing that strikes me about the ASOS version (apart from the fact that I was unable to find it anywhere on the website, despite inputting as many cage-related keywords as I could think of) is that it seems completely to miss the objective of the Bordelle-style cage/strap thing.

This is, in a word, squeeziness.

Image from Bordelle

So ASOS's spin on the cage dress craze seems to be
1) Hey guys wouldn't it be great if you had cage dresses only they were totally loose with all the attendant loss of sexiness?
2) BTW we're not actually selling this cage dress. We're selling the white vest underneath. It's a good white vest, though!

Well, why not?

- Zen


Sue said...

Noooo, Zen your oxfam posts are very much the interesting because you pick out really unique and outta-this-world pieces. Especially the gridded sequined skirt....

Zen said...

lolol, but Lemms telling each other we find each other interesting is not much good! Of course we are fascinated by our own posts. XD

I love the skirt, though! Don't you think it would be so cute? But you'd be scared to sit down if you wore it.