Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Reuse, reduce?

The day before my last exam

Necklace with unidentified poultry pendant - market stall at the Curve
White top - New Look
Puffy shorts - Primark
Socks with faces - Topshop
Beautiful oxford wedges - Stephanie Kelian

I will never get sick of the aerial view of my feet in these shoes.

People kept doing double-takes at my feet. It was pretty funny.

The day of my last exam

Elephant necklace - gift from CK
Fuschia patterned dress with gold beaded fringe - charity shop
Flip-flops - F. O. S.

The shoes don't match, but I don't have any nice sandals.

The dress is a new acquisition. It'll be nice for the summer, though it does not allow you to take long strides -- totally a downside. I'm a city-dweller; I like walking super fast with a grumpy expression on my face!

I've been wondering of late whether I shouldn't restrict myself to shopping at charity shops. I'd still buy some stuff new -- I'd buy underwear new, obvs -- but all just-for-fun shopping would have to be done at charity shops (and maybe flea markets). It is cheaper than the high street, it's more ethical than Primark (though is secondhand Primark less unethical?) and it might stop me buying so much stuff. I've been thinking about this more especially since seeing The Uniform Project (link via dlittlegarden).

It is supah cool! Girl wears the same dress every day for a year. She only started in the beginning of June so I guess it's early days yet, but I'm impressed by how she can make the same item look so different and fresh.

I think it would be really good for me to make myself do this sort of thing, rather than to buy new stuff all the time. I'm actually quite happy wearing the same dress over and over again in exactly the same way -- I also don't mind eating the same meal day after day; I am a creature of habit. But then I start to feel like I'm repeating myself too much and then I want to get new things. It's quite bad!

The main obstacle is that I dislike wearing lots of things at the same time. This is why I like dresses so much. You can just put one thing on and forget about it. If I wear accessories, I tend to start fiddling with them and I take them off and put them on and oops where has that thing gone now???

But this year has seen me start wearing scarves, which is a thing I never thought I would do. So hey, it might happen. Maybe I just need to get over my mental block!

I could start with this ...

sev[en]circle by Kirsten Johnstone

I did start knitting it in mint green cotton, but it looks rubbish. Time to frog and start again, now with renewed vigour!

- Zen

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